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We are not doing the job. We enjoy our technology life.

The mix of European experience and Vietnamese talents make the signature of Xoontec. By continues challenging ourselves, we are confident to transform your business ideas into reality by using human artificial intelligence.

We constantly share our passion with you to proof our success. We believe there is no border between countries, people or culture in the technology world.

Our Technology

Artificial Intelligence

We empower your business with the unmatched benefits of AI, a technology that enables capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior.

Microsoft .Net

We build, manage, and improve the applications for businesses ranging from large-scale to small start-ups. Our team is well-equiped this technology.


Simple, object-oriented and platform-independent are the advantage points of Java. You will find the team with 15 years of expierences by cooperating with us.


You want to speed up your development process, you need to look no further. Use Angular today and you will reap all the benefits stated above and much more.


React is taking over front-end development. You will find React utilized by some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world.


Mobile app development is now more popular. Many companies and many industries are implementing the mobile apps to grow their business.

we build and maintain well-play team


Knowing the essential of teamwork, we build and maintain well-play team throughout our working environment.


We build an open workspace and the standing desks


Focusing in the balance and healthy, we build an open workspace and the standing desks. It is important for our members to feel we cares about everything in the office.


We work at a team


A face to face collaboration to work jointly rather than independently to accomplish a task is done at Xoontec daily. We work at a team.


Fun facts


days together


Happy members

51'720 +

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glass of beers

Our's clients share our passion for results & it shows in their success.

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